Why I dislike malkioni

From: Nils Weinander (niwe@ppvku.ericsson.se)
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 10:16:23 EET

Erik continues to bemoan our unfairness towards the Gloranthan westerners.
I agree that it is probably irratinal and unfounded. However, I dislike
the Malkioni for their extreme intolerance: they are the only Gloranthan
culture which claims that everyone else is dead wrong, that their gods
are false demons. All others (hmm, make that most to be on the safe side) at
least acknowledge the divinity of their neighbours' gods even if the
neighbours are enemies.

The kind of intolerance the Malkioni display strike me as utterly arrogant.

Then I think they are a bit boring because they have disassociated themselves
from the mythical world, but that's definitely irrational of me.

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