Gloranthan Background

From: Neil Smith (
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 12:51:18 EET

Loren has many good comments on my background sheet. I agree
with all of them except:

>> PAVIS The god that was Pavis Half-Elven and now is the spirit of the
>> city of Pavis.
>> FLINTNAIL Half-dwarven friend of Pavis, Flintnail is a god of
>> dwarves and stonemasons.
> That's all you say about the god of the city and his sidekick?
Yes. This information is for consumption of players whose PCs will
be spending most of their time running around Prax and the Rubble,
doing heroic things. I doubt they'll have a lot of contact with
Pavis the god. On a more pragmatic note, there's not much white
space left and I don't want to spill over onto four pages!

And then goes on to take me to task about:
> the rabid Orlanthi attitude you have expressed here.
Perhaps the anti-Lunar feeling is expressed too strongly, but I have
a feeling that most New Pavisites would rather see the Lunars kicked
out of the city. As I understand it, New Pavis was _built_ by people
who left their homes in Sartar rather than be subject to Lunar rule.
Their sons are running the place now. I think they have similar
attitudes to the Jews under the Romans: they don't much like it, but
there's not a lot they can do about it so they might as well make the
best of a bad lot.

That said, the Old Pavisites, the fisher folk, and the like couldn't
really give a monkey's who's running the city, and perhaps that
doesn't come through. I'll cut down on the section about the New
Pavisites and expand the bits on the other cultures, to give a more
balanced view of the city.

Thanks for the comments,



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