Loosing my Balance

From: mr happy (ajbehan@tcd.ie)
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 14:24:49 EET

Loren Miller:
> you left out the most important facet of Carmanian personality,
> Balance. How do you attain it? Is it a trait pairing, or the
> expression of a person whose passions are as close to the halfway
> mark as possible,

I thought Balance was Lunar as opposed to strictly Carmanian and that
there are crusty old Humakti who think that balance is irrelevant as long
as you are Truthful. Like David said balance is having traits at
10+/-2. Maybe each Lunar cult is associated with 5 traits which must be
Balanced to be considered virtues whereas Traditionalist cults have
Virtues like in PDP. Which makes me wonder if Lunars give a damn about
As for Fear/Respect this is an attempt to model the War/Peace dichotomy. As
Martin says you can be feared and respected at the same time but the
trait pair is about the reaction you -want- to inspire, for Leaders. For
followers it means something quite different to Cruel/Kind.
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Andrew Behan


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