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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 14:49:05 EET

> BTW, Andrew, how do "Glorantha: The Game" traits differ from Pendragon
> traits? (Note: Greg didn't mention this game at all at RQ-Con, at least not
> in my hearing.)

I have a 1992 blurb explaining the G:tG Character Sheet. The neat bit is
that Personality Traits (Actions) vary between species and cultures,
unlike in PDP. The advantages of this approach are clear when dealing
with a society radically different from Arthurian Britain. There are three
groupings of Trait
Pairs: the Biological; the Cultural; and the Player Priority Traits.
These last are things that the player (not the character, who could be
10/10 in them) thinks are important. A player may have up to two
Priorities, they don't change between characters.
To avoid (even more serious) breach of copyright I'll use the Mesolithic
Theyalan Wrothelingan traits as an example, instead of the DP Orlanthi
from the blurb. All trait names are culture specific: contast
Prudent/Reckless and Brave/Cowardly.
Starting characters have 13/7 in religious virtues, 16/4 or 4/16 in two
or less traits and 10/10 in the rest.

To reproduce: Fecund/Chaste
To survive: Brave/Cowardly
To socialize: Honourable/Treacherous
To interact with the World: Intuitive/Rational
To inspect the New: Traditional/Innovative
Relate to the World: Spiritual/Worldly
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