Ducks & Baboons

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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 15:34:54 EET

Loren writes:

> That curse story is what the ducks say, but we humans don't believe
> it. The truth was that a tribe of humans venerated their domestic
> fowl instead of their ancestors and were cursed most horribly for it.

        In the eastern section of Dagori Inkarth, near the Nine Good
Giants Mts, there lives a tribe of exiled Snow Trolls. These Uz believe
that the the Ducks were once a tribe of humans, who refused to aid the
Gods against Chaos and were cursed into their present form as a result.
This tribe thinks it an honor for a lone troll to travel into Sartar,
kill a duck, and return with the feathers made into a fan, or some other
ornament. (Of course, not every troll comes back...)
        This tribe also beleives that Baboons were once humans that re-
fused to aid Wakboth, (the fleeing survivors were cursed). The nearby
baboons are puzzled by this, as their on myths are different. But they
haven't bothered to tell this to the trolls, as the trolls seem to feel
honor bound to help them in times of need.

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