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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 18:48:08 EET

Hi all

I think that the borist church tries very hard
to have believers among the four castes of malkionism.

Thus they can obey to the laws of Malkion.

The problem is the persecution they endured. The
church does have the four castes but not together
at the same location.

For exemple, a borist village in the countryside
has two castes, wyzard and farmer. The local lord
and his knights believe in another heresy.
The borist noble is of the lord caste. His chaplain
is of the wyzard caste, but his knights and peasants
are from another creed.

Now, if the borist heresy comes from the old hrestoli
heresy (old seshnelan chivalry), they must have soldiers
and knights.

The knights belong to the order (I don't remember its
name), and there are so many mercenary companies in
Ralios that some borist soldiers are a possibility.

Even in Borin, the church does not have the four caste
together despite all its efforts.

Now about the relation with illumination. They consider
illuminant as chaotics (so says Sandy), but to detect
them they had to study illumination. And they fell into

the trap, some of them became illuminated. Was it before
or after the persecutions, no one will ever know. But after
they were persecuted, they could no more organize chaos hunts
openly. But they had to destroy chaos. One of the wyzards may
have thought to use the chaos vent as a legal target (in the
past, they had both thing to do, hunt chaos and destroy the
results of sin). And the church gained its reputation of
herding chaos creatures.

Well that's my opinion.



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