Who really won

From: JOSE RAMOS (ramos@crpp.u-bordeaux.fr)
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 20:18:53 EET

        I have followed the argument between pro-lunars and pro-sartarites with
interest, as they echo the typical behavior of religious fanatics discussing
their beliefs. The facts are scant, and can be twisted in suport of both
positions. I, as a believer in cycles too, am reminded of the
Arkat/Nysalor/Gbaji polemic. We have several sources that connect the two
events. And in the Third Age it is not clear what happened.
        If we have to choose a loser, they are the magical societies and the
cults. We do not know if only contact with the Godplane was affected, and
sorcery and spirit magic still work. If that is the case, the malkioni (already
the most advanced technologically) will control the world, as their god
is already unreachable and they will not be handicapped. That is, if the
malkioni survive the Hero Wars. What I want to say is that we know a little
about Fourth Age Dragon Pass, but nothing of the rest of the world.
        IMHO it is mortal races and specially man, who are the winners, even if
all the divine gifts (as literacy) are lost for a time. I am a rational
scientist after all, and humanist at heart. If it is the freedom of the winds,
willing to lose their power to liberate man, or the moon, a former human, in a
pantheon of deified men/women, making the last step to give the same
possibilities to all. Maybe everybody is illuminated, so the gods, lacking true
followers, cannot interact with the world. The game is over, humankind is alone.
        BTW, I really liked the Shargash connection. I wonder what is the
western explanation-phenomenon, as Zzaburr has been already overused.
        Swept by the current thread.


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