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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 20:48:00 EET

Can I leap in and perform the Issaries Enhance Communication Heroquest?

Philippe, Brian, and Nick are operating in two different worlds. KOS vs a
wealth of draft, oral, and inferred information about the Lunar Empire and
the Lunar Way. (Two very different things, BTW. IMO, one of the subtle
goals of the Lunar Way is to free Peloria from the forces of Empire,
underwhich it has suffered since before the Dawn. The _Lunar_ Empire is
merely a regrettable step.)

KOS is largely ( the ol' Orlanthi 85%) an post-apocalyptic Orlanthi
viewpoint, and thus only half the story. (Orlanthi opinions about the Red
Goddess are as invalid as Lunar opinions about Orlanth. Being Glorantha,
both are true and both are false.)

 The rest of the story is beginning to take shape in new documants like
GROY, Fortunate Succession, and the new Entekosiad. These will help one
understand the foundation of Lunar Way and the Moon Goddess. (And, if
you're a rabid Orlanthi, you get to see the Orlanthi from the viewpoint of
their enemies. Kinda fun.) The first two are available from Wizard's

Phillipe observes:
>Yes, what you are saying is that the Goddess deceived everybody, and
sacrificed all her worshippers and incarnations in order to re-enter
the God Plane. That is truly a god you want to worship...

Why not? Par for the course in Peloria. Jaganatha, Natha - the Goddess of
Sacrifice - demanded human blood for a long time. When Sacrifice was
suspended, she gave birth to Murder (from Entekosiad). Death must have its
due. It's all part of the Great Cycle. Death is merely a necessary
transition. This pattern reappears many places in Pelorian mythologies.

HS>> Everyone knows that after Shargash is unleashed at the end of each age
to shatter the world that he returns to the world and begins rebuilding it,
always starting in the glorious Dara Happan lands.

PK>Fanatic propaganda again. Have we even one inkling of this anywhere ?

GROY, FS, and a little imagination. That's what the game is about, after

Phillipe and Brian - it's good to have you on board. Just take Nick's
fervor with a grain of salt. And read between the lines - literal
interpretations don't get one very far in Glorantha.



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