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From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 21:30:39 EET

> Of course, the bigger problem is that Hindu mythology, theology, and cultic
> practice don't make a very good model for Malkionism, so these titles just
> look tacked on. Hinduism is a dandy model for the theistic traidition, but
> not so good for the monotheists.
As I said, the thing was done in a "fit of misdirected humor", but
sometimes looking at the SOCIAL thing could be useful instead of
redoing the European Middle Ages.
I never had any problems with wizards having sex, frex - there was a
lot of worrying because in that bit of "What My Father Told Me"
wizards are said to never have felt a sweet embrace or something like
that. Many voices on this digest said that this must mean that there
must be celibacy requirements for wizards - which would conflict with
the caste system, as there would be very few new wizards.
But why can't people say "having sex for pleasure is wrong, having
sex to get children is perfectly acceptable"? Many earthly religions
do, and the What My Father... could easily be twisted that way with
no less twisting than many other passages have been subjected to by
the development of Glorantha.
The reason is, of course, that people were more or less stuck with
the Wizards being Medieval Catholic Clergy With Pointy Hats. And
since _they_ were celibate....
Brahmins procreate, I'm pretty sure of that. Yes, their religion may
be more accepting towards bodily pleasures in general (Tantric
practices aside, I don't think they DOMINATE the scene) but I see no
trouble with it applying to our imaginary caste society as well.

> I'm glad, OTOH, to see someone else who thinks Malkioni swear by
the > Prophet's Beard. Now THAT's a fruitful line of thinking.
And that line somewhere on Malkion preaching to everybody "even those
who became False Gods" has a ring similar to Muhammed preaching to
the Righteous Jinn. Not to mention Valkaro converting pagan gods....
(My Eurmali parts suddenly give me a vision of a guy rubbing a lamp
and letting Worlath out, crying : "AH! Ever since Zzabur the Wise
confined me, I've longed to be free - you'll get three wishes....")

> From: David Gadbois <>
> Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 22:31:41 -0600
> Subject: Damage Repair Report
(prime message text deleted)
> All in all, the repair of the White Moon has been a resounding
> success.
It was about time an objective and rational voice was heard in this
matter! Not that I _ever_ worried about the Repair being On Schedule,
of course...

Erik of the Eleventh (NO, not these Dara Happan guys)


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