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Brian summarizes:

>It's all so obvious. The Red Goddess is dead. There is no White Moon
as far as anyone can prove. Argrath destroyed the Lunar Empire. Case
closed. Anything else is idle speculation.

All true. But idle speculation is the whole reason we're not all playing
board games.

Peter Met. says:

>Since Pam has posted a Good Snippet of exactly Greg said,

Woah - only the very first bit, about Verithurusa, and the bit about the
suffering was from Greg. The Shargash stuff was my own idle speculation
(much of it Harald Smith's idea, actually). No doubt we we've been warped
by too many mental visits to the Great Enclosure....

PC>(Empire has always been a Raibanthi dream - not a particularly Alkothi

PMet>Emperor Urvairinus would disagree with you having ruled from Alkoth.

Ok. But one emperor, out of how many? And I don't think Urvair. was from
Alkoth originally, was he? I had the impression he ruled from there to
have better control of the armies and a closer relationship with Shargash -
he was a conquering kind of guy.

Note the ease with which Eusibus surrendered to Khordavu - over wine and
My guess is the conversation went something like this:

Khordavu: "Look here, Lord Eusibus, Embodiment of the Destroyer on Earth.
 Haven't you heard of the Almighty Godfather Yelm, Emperor of the Universe,
Protector of the World, Keeper and Source of All Justice?"

Eusibus, EDE: "Who? Hereabouts we worship Shargash the Foremost, the
Thunderer, the Destroyer, Lord of Ashes. What have you been drinking in
that wine?"

Kordavu: "No, no. Yelm is the Allfather Sun. His footstool touches down
in Yuthuppa. And Shargash is Yelm's noble warrior son. See, Yelm is the
One and the Many...

(Two hours later)

Eusie: "Enough! The One? The Many? What? Fine! Have your empire! Why
should I care?"

Khordavu: "Why, because we'll need Alkoth to participate and the mighty
Shargash to defend it! We'll provide troops from all over the empire for
Shargash to command."

Eusie: "So we'll be able to conquer even more territory! Raze Darjiian more
often? Sounds good!"

Khordavu: "Er, yes... have another bikkie."

Eusie: "As long as Alkoth's priests get to choose this emperor fellow. We
wouldn't want to follow some wilted-carrot putz."

Khordavu: "Of course not. He'll be divinely chosen through tests, of
course. Shargash and his priests will get to provide a test, as in the old
ways. And he must have the proper regalia, of course. I have quested long
and far, and regained almost all of them. In fact," (rummages through ditty
bag..) "I even have a certain Girdle...."

Eusie: "Hey! How'd you get that past my demon guards!?!"

Khordavu: "Divine providence, dear boy. The strength of my innate Justice,
bestowed by the Allfather..."

Eusie: (picking up big spiky mace) "I'll show you Shargash's Justice!"

(Rumble, Rumble....)

Khordavu: (attempting to parry with a camp stool) "See there! Shargash has
spoken! My claim to Emperor is Just!"

Eusie: "What!?!" (Looks outside tent.) "Awww..." [deleted by historical
sensors]. "Alright. Take your crown and girdle and skitter back to
Raibanth or whatever hole you crawled out of. I gotta fix my wall. Let me
know when you find some country that needs obliterating."

The rest is history.


PMet>And during the Second Age, the Capital was at Yuthuppa rather than

Same difference if you're an Alkothi.

>hmm. With Sh'Arkat and Sh'Argrath, what are we supposed to make of

 Who is Shakarzeel? Missed that reference somehow...



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