Points of Order

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 00:32:29 EET

Brian K. Curley:

>Peter: I see the blindness of the Lunars has befallen you as well.

Oh dear. More juvenile posturing. (Tiresome really).

>How else can one accept the spurious argument that the Red Goddess was
>destroyed by Argrath because she wanted to be?

Let me guess. The Crucifiction parallel was too big for you to handle.
Do you have Shamans in your version of Glorantha? They don't like
being destroyed by the Bad Man when they're on their Shamanic Initiation
but this thing is necessary so they can gain their fetch. But according
to your PoV, the Shamans are dead and don't come back.

>I know Greg said he could understand one *could* reach that conclusion, but
>he didn't say one *should*.

Get the paraphrase right: he said that one could reach that conclusion
(that the Lunars were victorious) _on_ _having_ _read_ _KoS_.

>When we get right down to brass tacks this entire argument is based on
>supposition and inference. Not one solid fact. So my conclusions are no
>more groundless than the ones reached by Nick. Just because you choose
>to agree or not to doens't kend either argument any more creedence.

Then why are you so eager to dispute the conclusions reached by Nick?
All we have so far is a book written by one _side_ of the Argrath-Red
Moon War. All Nick is doing is outlining a case for a Lunar Victory
while maintaining consistency with what has been written in KoS.

Jean Durupt:

>I think that the borist church tries very hard
>to have believers among the four castes of malkionism.

Well they do.

>Thus they can obey to the laws of Malkion.

Why? Do Christians obey the dietary laws of the Old Testament
despite their founder claiming to have filfulled the prophecies
of the Old Testament?

Furthermore the Castes are not as ironclad as everybody believes.
Valkaro (who everybody believes was pious) set up a church with
only three castes. The Wizards are in the Top Caste. This
appears to have been the Standardized Caste System during the God
Learners time. The traditional Four Castes appear to have been
reintroduced by Rokar's teachings.

There are other Malkioni sects that do not believe in Castes: The
Lunar Arrolian Church is one, the Levellers...oops.. Perfecti of
Loskalm are another and perhaps the Peoples Democratic Republic of
Wexten is a third...

The Borists view Castes as a God Learner (or perhaps Arkati) evil
substituting piety with simple birthright IMO. Such a construct
is to be given lip service at best.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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