Gloranthan Background [0/2]

Date: Mon 05 Feb 1996 - 15:35:17 EET

I'll hopefully be starting a RQ game with some players that have
never played in Glorantha before. To help them get to grips with
things, I've written some background information for Pavis and Prax,
which is in the next two mails. Although it seems like a lot, it
ends up as three sides of A4 paper, with a map of Prax making the
fourth page.

I intend it to serve two purposes: firstly, to give the players an
overview of the world, and secondly to act as a "reference guide".
If players want more information, then hopefully this background will
give them a context for that as well. Sections in quotes are
directed to the player; the rest is directed at the character.

Please let me have any comments at all on this. Is there too much
information? Too little? Not enough detail? Too few mistakes?
Dodgy English? Let me know so that it might improve.

If anyone wants to use this, feel free. I've got a prettier version
with runes and the like (MS Word 6 format), available for the asking.



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