Mru and bogs

Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 02:23:43 EET

The other thing I forgot to write about bogs is that they're not 100% safe
from nomads. Sure, the guys with large hooved herd beasts tend to avoid
bogs, at least in the wet season. But bogs are one of the Morokanths'
favorite terrains, and you can also find Agimori, Baboons, Basmoli, and
Cannibals there, not to mention Newtlings (mostly friendly to Mru) and Sun
Domers (where appropriate). Add in the Ducks, Broos, gorp, and poisonous
critters, and it gets right crowded. My feeling is that Mru are ambivalent
about bogs.

- --Martin


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