Argrath's LBQ

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 17:13:44 EET

Now, if my memory isn't playing tricks with me, Argrath went on one of the
few full LBQ (mid 1600's?). He succeeded. However, I seem to remember
writings along the lines that after succeeding, he went further and
eventually "rescued" Sheng Seleris. Now, the LBQ is traditionally (!) used
to bring someone back from the Halls of Judgement, like good 'ol Yelm.

Who was the God/being who was Argrath's reward for the LBQ? Who was this
being who was spurned by Argrath as being less a tool against the Goddess
than Sheng? I think there must have been some reward which Argrath measured
against the RG and found was not powerful enough...

Given that nothing is mentioned in the sagas, it probably is something that
is deeply painful or dangerous to Argrath (and Orlanth?).

Any ideas?

Robert McArthur


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