White Moonies

From: D. Pearton (pearton@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 03:05:54 EET

Pam does a very creditable impression of a white moonie in calling for

Well, I'm all for that but before we all reach this state I have to add
my two clacks.

IMHO Nick and Phillipe are arguing about two different things. Phillip
is stating that the demise of the physical manefestations of the Lunar
Empire and the moon signals the absolute demise of everything Lunar and
any remanents of lunar influence. Nick and others (and I place myself in
this category) argue that this was merely a necesary step in the
continuing evolution of the _Lunar_Way_. The Lunar Way is not the Lunar
Empire. The Lunar empire is a neccesary step and part of the process of
the evolution of the Lunar Way, but it is not the be-all and end all of
it. The Lunar way, by it's very nature, embraces change and views
stagnation as its antithesis (a reflection of the Red Goddess's birth in
time perhaps?). The Goddess herself has gone from death, to "mortality",
thence to deity (with physical limitations) and the utuma ceremony
performed by Argrath (witingly or unwitingly) moves her to a far more
transcendant level. All this is prefigured in what has gone before and
is as valid a reading of the "facts" (whatever those are in Glorantha) as
any other.

Of course, it could be that the Red Goddess is just a patsy for Shargash
who wanted to trash the world again. We all know how good at long range
planning and subtle manipulation Shargash is ;).


PS: Welcome back Pam - Did you bring me lots of goodies????? I want
those grubs!

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