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>>(Empire has always been a Raibanthi dream - not a particularly Alkothi
>Emperor Urvairinus would disagree with you having ruled from Alkoth.
>And during the Second Age, the Capital was at Yuthuppa rather than

        I think the Alkothi are more into the defeat of their enemies,
rather than Empire per se. Most of the Alkothi Emperors become Emperor in
times of trouble, and spend a lot of their time fighting (Urvairainus being
the classic example), and my feeling is that they become Emperor largely
because he has the armies, not because he has the Empire. Eusibus is another
good example, a classic Alkoth Emperor (a 'son of Shargash' who spends most
of his reign fighting), who actually abdicates to avoid fighting Khorzanelm.

        Speaking of matters contained in GRAY, I have just noticed a small
discrepancy in Gregs account of the Goddess, gregged Greg so to speak. Gerra
and Sedenya are both masks of the goddess, as I understood it, and at
distinctly different points in the story of the Goddess - yet they appear to
be contempories. In fact, while Luxarius is married to Gerra, he is
combating Sedenya.

        I am sure one of the good Lunars on the list can come up with the
correct Lunar theological explanation for how this in no way invalidates the
story according to Greg.

        Hey, while I am getting obscure, lets throw in one from the
Entekosiad - opinions on what form the Bisos religion took? Was it a Bull
and Storm cult (one of the ancestors of Urox?) - Bisos is associated with
storms, and there is a story about killing a monster to let the water out
that sounds a lot like the classic 'storm king kills dragon, lets out the
rain' myth - or was it a Hsucnchen descended cult - at least one of the cult
heroes has spontaneous horns appear. Or a bit of both? Or something else



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