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Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 06:19:17 EET

        Just a brief note to say that, after staying up far too late poring
over GRAY, TFS, and the Entekosiad, trying to get my Pelorian mythic history
straight - Pam Carlsons version of the meeting between Khordavu and 'Eusie'
causes me to laugh a lot.
        I imagine 'Eusie' as Emperor as being a bit like Cerebus as Prime
Minister in 'High Society', if there are any other aardvark fans - people
keep coming and asking him difficult questions about the treasury, or
conditions for civil servants, or religion, and all he really wants is to
fight his way out of everything and conquer a few neighbouring countries.


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>Microsoft, meanwhile, denies that the problem exists.


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