Ralian Basmoli

From: David Dunham (dunham@pensee.com)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 09:53:49 EET

Erik Sieurin wrote

>the Vadeli are presented as so mind-numbingly evil that
>not even Michael Raateroova dared accusing me of being one in his
>little letter a month ago, where he included most other cosmopolitan
>Gloranthan accusations :-)

If that's not a ringing condemnation of the Vadeli, I don't know what is!

Long ago, Sandy wrote

>The Big Cats have pretty much taken it on the chin all along south and
>west Genertela. The Basmoli had their butts kicked in Prax, Ralios, and
>Fronela. In fact, as a large predator, the big cat is washed up in these
>areas. At the dawn, there were lions in Tanisor. Not any more. There's a
>few sabertooths in the eastern Rockwoods, and there's tigers and panthers
>east of the Wastes, but aside from that the only large felines remaining
>in Genertela seem to be various varieties of shadow cats, which are
>smaller than cougars, and seem to rarely attack man.
> The repeated disasters afflicting Panthera leo in Genertela have
>certainly weakened Basmoli magic. Maybe some enterprising Basmoli should
>travel to Pamaltela and bring back a bunch of breeding lions.

which makes me wonder about Basim and its ruling Basmol clan. I certainly
don't expect lions roaming around Ralios, but I assume these Basmoli still
have the transformation magic (despite, on my Web page, saying the Basmoli
are extinct). However, I would imagine that unlike other hsunchen, lions
are never born to Basmoli mothers.

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