River Folk Origins

From: David Swanson Millians (dragon@netcom.com)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 12:39:01 EET

        I am very much enjoying everyone's ideas concerning the river
folk of the Zola Fel. Since it is stated in published material that
similar peoples live all along (at least) the southern coasts of
Genertela, does everyone think that the comments thusfar on origins and
cultures apply generally?

        For variety within my own game and knowing that the Zola Fel
valley has received influxes of different peoples since well before Time,
I have tended to view the modern riverfolk as a people of very mixed
origins. I currently portray their culture as quite insular (ahem), but
they've received both new blood and cultural elements in the past.

        The common origin myth (at least among the group of clans with
which my players are familiar) has humans formed from the lifegiving
waters washing over the muddy edges of the newly risen land and, as waves
will leave ripple patterns along a seashore, forming human and possibly
other forms along this margin. Thus, they are a people of both land and

        Based on what's available in published material, I think the
riverfolk are formed from a base of people who came up the rivers in the
mythic age, plus a hearty admixture of earthfolk from Genert's Garden.
I've also imagined some smaller elements, like fish hsunchen.
Their language and culture are still very much oriented toward the sea and

        One of my players is one of those rare river folk who shows much
more clearly her 'earth' background. She's more heavily built and has
much lighter hair. Her clan shaman has been suspicious of her since her
birth, leading the character to be somewhat more outgoing than a typical
river person.

        Another character has webbed feet.

        That's how I imagine them.

David Millians


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