VII RQ Con in Germany

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Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 12:55:17 EET

Hallo Gloranthan fans,

In the digest # 363 I have given some inforamtions about our VII. RQ - Con
in Germany. But I forgot some very important matters, so the theme once again.

First I forgot to mention the date of our RQ - Con (Oh, what a shame). The
VII. RQ Con will be on Whitsun 1996 (24. May to 27 May 1996). We will start
with the arrivial on Friday evening to Saturday morning. Friday we will meet
mostly to see old friends again and chat about a lot of matters concerning
the lisence for German RQ and a lot of other topics.
You should know that most of the attenders are members of the RQ - society
so we know each other very good. This is one of the rasons why the RQ Con in
Germany has such a friendly atmosphere.
If you want to come to Bacharach you can reach first Frankfurt by plane and
then you can go by train very easily to Bacharach. The distance between
Franfurt and Bacharach is about 100 km. The Castle Stahleck is located in
the hills upon the river rhine valley, this valley is called Lorelei. This
is one of the much beautiful landscapes in whole Germany. The castle was
build in the 11th century and is a new renovated youth hostel now. The
castle has 150 places. But there are only eight rooms for one or two person
(you must be quick if you will get such a room). If you will arrive on
Friday the price for the next three days will 100,- DM, if you arrive on
Saturday the price is 70,- DM. For this you will get a bed (with linen)
Breakfast and evening diner. Because we are expecting a lot of foreign guest
on Saturtday morning we will arrange that somebody of our members from
Frankfurt will gather this people together to bring them with a bus to
On Saturday we will have some workshops with different topics, a lore
auction, gaming tournements, panels etc. On Sunday we will play in the
morning Trollball and Shield push and the rest of the day (for eight hours)
the LARP 'Rise of Ralios'. This LARP is suited for 90 - 100 players. All
foreign guest will get different groups of characters (i.e. the brits and
americans are all of Orlanthi kin, the people of the Netherlands will have
to play Trolls, the people of the West will be played by germans etc.). The
authors of this LARP (David Hall, Nick Brooke, Kevin Jacklin - from which we
get a lot of help, thank you very much to the reaching Moon Megcorp) are
Joerg Baumgartner, David Dunham, Christian von Aster and Ingo Tschinke. They
have a lot of plots and subplots in the this game, so we will think you will
enjoy it very much.
Our Guest of honour is David Hall (hail the reaching Moon). But we expect
much more people from all europe (UK, Italy, Sweden, Finland, France - where
all our members are living).
For more Information take contact to: Jochen Seyffert, An der Bruchriede 2,
D - 30880 Laatzen, Tel. 00495102/6988 or Ingo Tschinke, Schevemoorer
Landstr. 33, D - 28325 Bremen, Tel. 0049421/402634,


Ingo Tschinke
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