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Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 12:58:26 EET

Durupt Jean:
>I think that the borist church tries very hard
>to have believers among the four castes of malkionism.

They have believed in these castes but they did not do it any longer because
you can believe into the laws of Malkion without the castes. They are more
or less such a secret society that they will have no longer need to believe
in such castes. IMO the castes are mostly a model of the Rokari faith for a
real state structure like a kingdom where you must suppress the peasant if
you want to get a real working feudalistic structure. But the Boristi church
has nowhere such a kingdom and they will have no need of it, because their
faith would not work in such a structure (only if you believe in 'light
Illumination'). The different boristi doctrines have all one goal: To
destroy Gbaji in the time he will come back to ralios. You could not build a
goverment on such a faith.

>Now about the relation with illumination. They consider
>illuminant as chaotics (so says Sandy), but to detect
>them they had to study illumination.

No, they do not, because they use the illumination for themselfs. For them
the illumimnation is different (you can gain the light or the dark
illumination). One is for your use and the other leads you to temptation.
They see everybody who is not shriven by a boristi priest or wizard is at
least partly chaotic.

Peter Metcalfe:
>The traditional Four Castes appear to have been reintroduced by >Rokar's

That is excatly IMO.

> perhaps the Peoples Democratic Republic of Wexten is a third...

Do you know something more about Wexten?

Eric Sieurin:
[are the boristi evil]
The reasons are two: first, persecution of heretics has been as
common there as in the West, and second, in some cases there may be
mystical reasons - certain knowledge is only for the initiated.
This is for me a perfectly OK model for the Boristi as suggested.

I do not think the boristi are evil, they are the evil and bad guys to the
common folk (rokari), like scapegoats. They must have change their doctrines
and believes over the last 1.000 years to survive in such a position. They
have a inner circle (secret register of Borist) where the members are know
such certain knowlegde. They use the laws of Malkion and the knowledge of
chaos for their own tasks. They see themself more like a elite of Malkioni,
something very special. All the others are blind to the real truths of
St.Borist (especially the Rokari).

Ingo Tschinke


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