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From: David Swanson Millians (
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 12:58:09 EET

> From: Martin Crim <>
> >> They claim kinship with the Waertagi.
> >Is this from a published source?
> Yes, but I don't recall where. Or maybe it was a personal communication
> from Greg. Or maybe I'm lying to you. ;-) Does it really matter?
> (Seriously, I think I made it up. But claiming kinship with a distant,
> nearly extinct group with some similarities is hardly a big enough deal to
> make a fuss over, is it? It's a bit of chrome.

No fuss from me. I'm simply curious to ferret out any more information
or ideas concerning these folk. They (and much of the rest of the
peoples claiming watery origins) have received little attention, but I am
finding them fascinatingly rich and am eager to discover (or fabricate) more.

> I think they've been visited by Daka Fal and know the difference between the
> dead and the living now. It's a good metaphor, but it's hard to square with
> the known interactions with others at Corflu and Pavis. "Inconvenience" of
> interaction is not the sort of description we'd expect if Mru saw outsiders
> as dead.

I don't mean they think they are literally dead but more like hollow
shells, wasted peoples, not safe or healthy. Besides, in myth based
games, isn't metaphor a vital component?

They interact with spirits and that other world in their rituals and
healings, so I think they'd be equally (un)comfortable dealing with the
various odd land folk when necessary. And I don't think it's often ery
necessary. They can get everything they need from their waters and

> >>They allow irrigation and bog drainage because these
> >> things please their god.

I think we're just going to disagree here, since we seem to have a
somewhat different view of the riverfolk outlook and power.

I do think plenty of draining and canal building goes on, mostly because
the river folk can do little to stop it. I don't see them, either, as
zealots bent on sabotaging every such work. Small acts maybe, but they
know there will be significant retribution if they damage something

Besides, they know that in the end, Zola Fel will wash away all impurities.

Thanks for all of your ideas.

David Millians


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