River Folk & Bogs

From: David Swanson Millians (dragon@netcom.com)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 13:53:25 EET

This is probably about as far as I should go with this line of thought,
and I do recall that there was a rather lengthy, more general dispute
concerning bogs some months back.

My reason for pursuing these questions further is to flesh out my
understanding of the river folk as a society. There really is very
little material on them in published sources, yet there are thousands of
them in a society dispersed all along the Zola Fel, and they are
presumably one of the most ancient human societies in Prax.

Recognizing that bogs and marshes are among the richest available sources
of food and material and that the river folk have dwelt therein for
uncountable generations, I think they are likely to be the subtle masters
of such places. After all, their magic would be strongest in these
places of water and land union, and as far as they are concerned, they
nymphs and spirits of the bogs are their distant relatives, all drawn
together by the deeds and ever flowing strength of the river father.

I also recognize the significance of other bog inhabitants, especially
the hostile ones. During an early part of my game, when the characters
were still all children, one of them was ambushed and nearly taken by a
morokanth scout, and she has had a (game enhancing) fear of morokanth
ever since. The appearance of a small band of broo has disrupted the
whole northern end of the Great Bog as of last week's game, throwing off
the typical migratory patterns of a number of clans and forcing some at
least temporarily to adopt some new habits. In fact, the players' clan
headed downriver early and has met some morokanth, who need some help....

I think for the very reason that the river folk do so well in the bogs that
many of the other peoples of Prax either only skirt the edges or avoid
them entirely. It's just too much trouble. They venture there on
occasion, but it's just not their land, not their way.

Anything's possible. I want to be able to toss out anything to my
players. I'm simply trying to establish for myself what's common or likely.

David Millians


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