Why I bemoan the bastard atheist scum of the West.

From: Erik Sieurin (BV9521@utb.hb.se)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 14:13:42 EET

Nils writes:
 > Erik continues to bemoan our unfairness towards the Gloranthan
I have become their apologist because I feel they didn't have anyone
before. More of this later below.
> The kind of intolerance the Malkioni display strike me as utterly arrogant.
Yepp, and that is the reason many people are put off in the RW by all
more orthodox monotheist sects and religions. "Many people" include
myself. But, my point was simply that there are many things that we
as 20th century Westerners dislike with the socities of Glorantha,
for both "rational" and "irrational" reasons. (I, for
instance, am allergic to romanticising around "barbarian"
societies, since the whole thing for me has associations with
certain political opinions I absolutely loathe - thus I cheer the
Lunars vs the Orlanthi) However, most
other big cultures have people who have acted as "apologists" saying
basically that when you think of it, these guys are fairly nice if
you look this way. This is A Good Thing - don't think that I think

otherwise - because you can learn to see things from more than one
angle, something that can be very good OUTSIDE gaming. Glorantha is
the damned best gaming world that exists for this kinda moral
exercise, and one of the reasons I love it. But the people who likes
Malkioni most seems like "wow, this are the guys I love to hate!".

As Nick has pointed out, this may be me being unable to see things
that actually are there.

> Then I think they are a bit boring because they have disassociated
> from the mythical world, but that's definitely irrational of me.
And I don't think they have done that, but I think I can see your
argument why they have, and THAT argument sounds perfectly rational
to me. It is just not True :-)

Erik the Moaning Apologist


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