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> Hmm, Brahmins might be a good model for "never felt a sweet
embrace" Wizards,
> because they believe that sex weakens the male, and therefore resist it (and
> when they succumb, they try to retain their Precious Bodily Fluids).
Why not? I see much of Malkioni theology being built around "mystical
science" (this may seem irrelevant to the things above, but hang on
a bit). For me, the educated Malkioni doesn't believe that IG does
anything when you die - a damn big difference to the whole Judeo-
Christian concept, were God Loves You, and takes a personal interest
in everything that happens. It is just so that the mechanics of the
universe are such, that good people go to Solace when they die, bad
people are tied to the world, heathens are sucked into the spirits of
pagan deities and become part of them, and REALLY good people never
die. The official view of Malkioni is now quite different (and I
personally think this view has variations within the respective
sects) but this is as stated IMO.
"What the heck does this have to do with "bodily fluids"?" you ask.
Well, to me it is obvious that if you let go of your physical power,
you let go of your spiritual power as well.

Its time for one of those "Gloranthan Perspective" ramblings. Hold
onto your pointy hats, Acolytists.

"Man is made out of three great principles: Body, Spirit and Soul.
Think of these as parts of a triangle, the Triangle of Law, which
holds all secrets of the Universe within it. In the ideal state, the
point of Soul is the highest, and and the Triangle rests on Body and
Spirit. In this state, Man is in full control of his Passions and
Bodily needs, and the Triangle may last forever. Such a Man can live
forever. Pagans can never reach this state fully, since the beings
they worship themselves are models of other behaviour, with other
things than the Soul on top. There are some that are worse than
others, of course - the Krjalki known as Trolls have clearly the Body
on top.
When the point of Spirit is at the top, man is ruled by his passions,
with no self-discipline at all. Such a behaviour is harmful in the
long run, and causes aging and finally Death. Even worse is the state
in which Body is ascendant. This is the state of Animals and
Animalistic beings. A Man dominated by his Body is not even dominated
by his Spiritual Passions - he is dominated by simple needs like Lust,
Fear and Hunger.
It should be noted that there are beings who have reached the state
of Soul Ascendant, but who are still doomed to fail at reaching
Solace. Witness the krjalki known as Dwarves, for instance. They lack
the Spirit part of their nature wholly, and witness the ancient
symbol for their race: A blunt triangle, the Rune of Stasis. Now, IF
a Dwarf dies, does his Soul Ascend? No, look at the symbol. It cannot
stand upright, so his point of Soul scuttles off in the wrong
Or look at the Brithini, who have almost made themselves into
Krjalki. They DO have the Solace of the Body, but since they lack the
Joy of the Heart, they can never reach the Solace of the Soul. Their
Triangle is empty. And that is even worse than the meaningless death
of a heathen - to reach an Immortal state of Emptiness."

Erik Sieurin


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