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Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 14:35:48 EET

Delurking again.

Since joining the digest about 1 and 1/2 years ago, I have enjoyed
immensely the various stories, cults and personalities that have been
submitted. And finally, I've decided to have a go myself. This
herocult has been located in Dragon Pass (because I particularly
enjoy the area) but I don't foresee many problems in transplanting it
elsewhere with minor changes to the history etc. Indeed originally it
may have been imported from outside. Please feel free to use or abuse
as appropriate, and any comments are welcome (though please be
gentle). I can't promise to reply promptly because I don't often come
down to the university very often now I've submitted my thesis.
Anyway, here goes...

The herocult of Loup

Location: Loup's Hill (wherever you like, though somewhere between
Jonstown and the Wolf Ridges seems appropriate)

Associated: Earth protector (i.e. Orlanth)

Knowledge: General (to local people)

Appearance of shrine: Low flat-topped hill surmounted by a small
grove of trees. Many wolfskins in various states of decay are nailed
to the trees.

History and Myth

After the destruction and devastation of the Gbaji Wars, a long, cold
winter gripped the land. People went hungry, and cold and sickness
took the old, the young and the weak. Only the Uz found the
conditions to their liking. It was around this time that some of the
defeated Telmori migrated eastwards and came presently to Dragon
Pass. Here they decided to go no further as only Prax and the Wastes
lay to the east. To add further to their misery, the Quivini (maybe
another term is appropriate) now sufferred from raids and savage
attacks by hungry Telmori and their wolves. Life was desperate; the
people cried out for a saviour.

Loup was the man who answered the challenge. Telmori had raided his
stead and killed his livestock and slaughtered his family. Loup was
the sole survivor and dedicated himself to revenging his family and
relieving his people's suffering. After years of struggle, Loup and
his close friends ended the wolfmen attacks, and then he killed and
skinned the Telmor chief and drove the remnants into the unihabitable
regions. During his struggles, he learnt new magic from his foe to
aid his followers in their fights against winter raids. Finally,
after his victory the long winter receded and he married the
reawakened earth goddess as spring returned.

Loup was largely forgotten during the EWF, and after the Dragonkill
there were no people around to sacrifice to him. Eventually Dragon
Pass was resettled and people came into contact with the Telmori once
more. Then around 1460, the winters grew chill once more and the
Telmori became bold. The Torkani, Culbrea, Maboder and Cinsina all
sufferred to the beasts' hunger.It was Hauberk Jon who rediscovered
Loup as he sought aid in his struggle against the Telmori.Loup
presented to Hauberk Jon at the hill which bears his name, and gave
him magics to aid him and his followers. Hauberk Jon was victorious
and since then people have once more sacrificed to Loup for aid
whenever winter comes and hunger bites, and the wolf is at the door.

Loup has a single shrine at Loup's Hill which offers the single spell
Wolfsbane to those who can fulfill his requirements.

Wolfsbane (divine spell)
touch, temporal, non-stackable, reusable, 2 points.

This spell gives the target the following benefits for its duration.
He receives +1 to his movement rate, suffers only 1/2 of the normal
fatigue loss and is unhindered by wintry conditions (such as snow,
driving rain, bitter cold etc). He also receives +10% to all attacks
against wolves/Telmori who act as though demoralised when fighting
the target. This +10% is in addition to any weapon enhancing spells

that may have been cast, and reflects Loup's special enmity against

Requirements to join: Must be an initiate or higher of an earth
protector cult (i.e. Orlanth) and be married to an earth cultist
(i.e. Ernalda). He must have single-handedly killed and skinned a
wolf/Telmor, whose skin he must deliver to Loup's Hill and dedicate
to the spirit present during either Storm or Dark season. After this
he may sacrifice for Loup's spell. He must show no friendship or
mercy to Telmori/wolves or he loses all ability to sacrifice for the
spell which becomes one-use if he has it reusably.

Notes: Although, since Hauberk Jon restarted sacrifices to Loup, most
dedicants have been Orlanthi, this is not exclusively so. For
example, recently Jomes Hostralos (a Lunar) has sacrificed to Loup
during his campaign against the Telmori. Also, although most people
do not know Loup's exact early history, they have heard of Hauberk
Jon (later founder of Jonstown) and do know of the benefits of
sacrificing at this shrine.

Well, what do you think? I'm a little concerned about the spell
(corny name I know - any better offers). I've never designed a spell
before. Is it too powerful/weak? Would a spirit spell seem more
appropriate? Also, it might be subject to Gregging (or Sandying or
whatever) especially if anything more official comes out on Sartar.

I hope some of you will find it useful/interesting.
Cheers, Rob.


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