borists and castes

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Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 18:04:40 EET

Hi all,

Peter M. pointed out that some sects don't follow
all the caste system.

I think it depends on circumstances and the prophet
they follow.

For example, the Carmanians have only three castes.
They don't have farmers.

In the case of the borists, we can assume that they
follow Malkion and Hrestol's teaching. Their prophet
lived before the God Learners and their three castes
I say that they follow a system like the one adopted
by the old Seshnelans.

There are four castes in the society: lord, wyzard,
soldier and peasant.
Each man is born in his caste.
If a child has talent, he can become a knight. The
knights may use the talents of all the castes to
fulfill their obligation to the Invisible God.
(crusades, chaos hunting, etc..)

Since the God Learners ( and maybe the Arkati) were
their persecutors, they won't adopt a three castes
system and they will try to cling to their beliefs.
The problem is that they were driven underground.
Worse, a Ralian state with the borist heresy as its state
religion would be a factor to unify all the others
(to destroy it) because the hatred is so deep. The
bad reputation and the fact that the other sects
know of the shrive spell would bring the crusade
spirit in the world.
And they can no more have an open society, where they
could practice their faith openly.

BTW I find their theory about sins and what to do about
it, a very fun idea indeed.

On another subject, we can model the Rokari with
medieval Europe.

In the Roman Catholic church, there are three sorts
of religious personnel:
- - the monks who take the vow of celibacy (no sex)
- - the priest who may not be married
- - the deacons who may be married (not after they are

So we can still have an hereditary caste of wyzards,
many will be deacons and not priests.

Have a good day


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