Big Cats and Wexten

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 23:25:35 EET

David Dunham:

>which makes me wonder about Basim and its ruling Basmol clan. I certainly
>don't expect lions roaming around Ralios, but I assume these Basmoli still
>have the transformation magic (despite, on my Web page, saying the Basmoli
>are extinct). However, I would imagine that unlike other hsunchen, lions
>are never born to Basmoli mothers.

What's wrong with Big Cats in Ralios? Not that these lions are like the
African savannah ones IMO. They could be like the lions in India which
are more forest orientated, I think.

And as for 'lions never born to Basmoli mothers', the Praxian Basmoli
are accompanied by sterile male lions. How do you think they get hold
of them?

Ingo Tschinke:

>> perhaps the Peoples Democratic Republic of Wexten is a third...

>Do you know something more about Wexten?

My impression of it is that commune King Arthur visits in 'Monty Python
and the Holy Grail' ('What's a King? Did we get to vote for you?').
It's not on the Ralios map but I imagine from their 'rationality' that
Wexten is in Western Safelster (but outside the Rokari Sphere of Influence).
- --Peter Metcalfe


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