From: Brian K. Curley (Master of Time & Space) (bkc@axle.adp.wisc.edu)
Date: Wed 07 Feb 1996 - 23:29:20 EET

Apparently my posts do not meet the Peter Metcalfe acid test. I
apologise to anyone I subjected to my opinion. I had not idea that I was
supposed to clear everything I wanted to post with Peter first. I will
endeavor to do so in the future. Thank you Peter, avatar of wisdom and
enlightenment that you are, for showing one of the lower minds the error
of his ways. I thank fortune each and every day that you exist to tell
me what I should say and think and how I should present them to the rest
of this discussion group. I guess I failed to see the disclaimer that
this was your personal little cult of personality.


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