Re: Sedalpists?; Loup; Ralian Basmoli

From: David Dunham (
Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 04:17:01 EET

When I was in Sydney NSW recently, I walked by a church which had a Law
rune at the top. This brought back my moment of glory as the Ecclesiarch of
the Hrestoli church (it looked just like the Law rune sceptre I'd made for
my costume). Though being Down Under, it must have been the Sedalpists.

Rob Nicholls presented a hero cult and

>Wolfsbane (divine spell)
>touch, temporal, non-stackable, reusable, 2 points.
>This spell gives the target the following benefits for its duration.
>He receives +1 to his movement rate, suffers only 1/2 of the normal
>fatigue loss and is unhindered by wintry conditions (such as snow,
>driving rain, bitter cold etc). He also receives +10% to all attacks
>against wolves/Telmori who act as though demoralised when fighting
>the target.

It's not clear how the first part is related to wolves. I'll be a true
Wolfbane would be something that prevented the wolf pack from operating as
a pack (though such an effect would probably be more powerful than a
2-point rune spell).

>it might be subject to Gregging (or Sandying or
>whatever) especially if anything more official comes out on Sartar.

I wouldn't worry; Sartar is no doubt full of small hero cults like this,
and as this one doesn't pretend to have a wide influence, there shouldn't
be a problem.

Peter Metcalfe answered me

>>which makes me wonder about Basim and its ruling Basmol clan. I certainly
>>don't expect lions roaming around Ralios, but I assume these Basmoli still
>>have the transformation magic (despite, on my Web page, saying the Basmoli
>>are extinct). However, I would imagine that unlike other hsunchen, lions
>>are never born to Basmoli mothers.
>What's wrong with Big Cats in Ralios? Not that these lions are like the

>African savannah ones IMO. They could be like the lions in India which
>are more forest orientated, I think.

As in my message, Sandy said there weren't any. Not that it's ecologically
impossible (hey, if there were zebras, there could be lions to eat them),
but Basmol was killed (I'm working up a myth where Trickster causes Humath
to do the dirty deed), and this mythical act had a significant physical

>And as for 'lions never born to Basmoli mothers', the Praxian Basmoli
>are accompanied by sterile male lions. How do you think they get hold
>of them?

That would work, though there certainly wouldn't be any free-running lions.
(If this is the case, then other hsunchen would occasionally give birth to
fertile offspring. I suspect the frequency would be about once per clan per


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