The Strangers Tale - BRAVO!!! ++

From: John Hughes (
Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 08:17:26 EET

Having just read's (sorry, your .sig is familiar, but
jest at the moment your name escapes me) The Stranger's Tale, I just HAD to
respond immediately: the closest one can get to a virtual standing ovation.

BRAVO!!!! Insightful, thought-provoking and set in a form that is
meaningful (and useful) to a player-character or campaign gm, and not just
to a gloranthoran meta-historian/mythologian/mythtorian.

BRAVO!!!! And a really useful model for Digest discussions.

The old vellum scroll has really been buzzing of late. Martin's Omens and
witches (yeah, I been catching up), Nick's (predictably) victorious
eschatology of the Lunar Way, David's musings (C. - if a difference still
exists), Pam's retelling of the Nysalora (aka Red Goddess) story (probably
the best we'll get before Greg's version in Questlines II), the wonderful
insights about Shargash running the show - thank you all.

The discussion about Hinduism and the Malkioni has been interesting. Bear
in mind, however, that Hinduism is the strong explicit source of Greg's
recent explorations of the Lunar Way. While in Canberra, I took Greg, Pam

and Neil R. to a major exhibition of Lunar (Indian) art at our National
Gallery. It was a lot of fun. Greg was wandering around, translating the
exhibition display signs into Lunar cant. Often it was word for word.

Shargash is modelled on Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance, the
Destroyer, dancing on the the crushed body of ignorance and bearing in his
hands the forces of Creation and Destruction. I know its dangerous to take
analogies too far, but this image of Shiva/Shargash has for me been a key
insight into understanding a lot of Greg's recent work.

Engage Trickster Mode:

And what's this about Sedenya being a child of Umutum? (Recent Lunar book
draft). Coupled with Greg's answer to my question in the Lore Auction that
the Red Goddess DOES have a sibling currently active in the Middle Air, it
makes all this Lunar/Orlanthi twaddle about healing the world/vanquishing
Chaos just so much rant. The reason Orlanth and Nysalora hate each other is
nothing more than SIBLING RIVALRY!!!! And of course it is in the best
interests of Both Lunars and Orlanthi to deny any connection. The darra
happans running the show must be howling in their beards.

He he.



    ... a flying arrow, a crashing wave, night old ice, a coiled snake,
    a bride's bed talk, a broken sword, the play of bears, a king's son.
                                                             Havamal 86.


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