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From: Scott Haney (
Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 04:23:01 EET

& I must admit to being fascinated by the controversy about the Red/White
& Moon in the 4th Age. However I find two things particularly striking.
& Firstly there is no one true way, either in RW or Glorantha. If the four
& philosophies can co-exist in 3rd Age Glorantha there will inevitably be
& controversy over whether Argrath or the Red Goddess won the Hero Wars.
& Secondly I'm not sure that Nick is altogether wise in claiming the glory
& here. Is destroying Glorantha as we know it (even if that includes the
& broo) all that admirable?

I found it a bit disappointing, actually. I like to think that Glorantha
is winding down *for now* and gearing up for a brighter future, but
I don't have much hope.....

& From: "Brian K. Curley (Master of Time & Space)" <>
& And we *all* know what Greg says is only true until he changes his mind.
& Check the FAQ on Gregging.


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