Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 08:58:30 EET

Well, I broke down, and after much thought and a little exploration of
the rules, I forced Sandy's beautiful new Sorcery Rules on my poor,
unsuspecting Sorcerer. So, instead of being able to maintain
damageboost six for a season, he'll be happy to get damage
boost 4 up for 10 min...

Is there anything I can do to soften this blow to the poor guy's
character? He just went from being able to put up dam resist 17 for 10
minutes dam resist 6 for 10...

I love the limits, but I wish I could soften them up a bit. Also, how
do the silly Hrestoli become knights? Does everybody really spend all
their time training PLANT LORE? I've got a new PC, who spent a year as
a herder, four years as a "squire", and then five years as a sailor.
So, he's got a whopping 5% plant lore. He'll never leave farmer caste,
and he'll never learn intensity, right? Poor choad.

BTW, Do the Borists believe in intercaste mobility? Or do they even
bother with that construct....?

Hasni Mubarak

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