Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 08:59:00 EET

<<<<<INGO TSCHINKE>>>>>>
IG>>I do not think the boristi are evil, they are the evil and bad guys to the
IG>>common folk (rokari), like scapegoats. They must have change their doctrine
IG>>and believes over the last 1.000 years to survive in such a position. They
IG>>have a inner circle (secret register of Borist) where the members are know
IG>>such certain knowlegde. They use the laws of Malkion and the knowledge of
IG>>chaos for their own tasks. They see themself more like a elite of Malkioni,
IG>>something very special. All the others are blind to the real truths of
IG>>St.Borist (especially the Rokari).

I don't know if I understand this correctly.... I thought that GoG said
that they allow the tapping of Chaos. Meaning, that they are ANTI
chaos.... Now, I can see how normal Malkioni can see their tapping as
evil, even heretical, but a secret society? The thing that troubles me
is the line, "They use the laws of Malkion and the knowledge of chaos
for their own tasks." This says that they are CHAOS worshipers, which I
haven't seen anything about before....

Hasni Mubarak

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