The second swedish civil war :-)

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Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 09:53:00 EET

I'll make another shot at the polemic with Erik, regarding the virtues
of malkionism.

>However, most
>other big cultures have people who have acted as "apologists" saying
>basically that when you think of it, these guys are fairly nice if
>you look this way.

To clarify my muddy position: I agree that there are probably many
commendable traits in malkioni society, it's just that intolerance
ticks me off like nothing else. So, what's irrational about my dislike
is that it is founded on one single piece of all that the malkioni are.

>But the people who likes
>Malkioni most seems like "wow, this are the guys I love to hate!".

And that's just plain weird.

> Then I think they are a bit boring because they have disassociated
> themselves
> from the mythical world

>And I don't think they have done that, but I think I can see your
>argument why they have, and THAT argument sounds perfectly rational
>to me. It is just not True

OK, clarification again. The malkioni have substituted their own version
of the mythical world, populated by once-human saints, for the otherworld
model shared by (most) other Gloranthan cultures. Much as I am fascinated

by the idea of saints in our world, I'm irrational enough to find it
bland in a Gloranthan context. I'm not going to argue the validity or
fairness of this position, because there is none.

In the end, I guess that in Glorantha I want the ancient world parallells,
while the european medieval flavour of the west feels slightly out of place
and thus puts me off. Perhaps it is because I really like to game in a

(pseudo-)medieval setting in Pendragon.

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