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Jean Durupt:
>In the case of the borists, we can assume that they
>follow Malkion and Hrestol's teaching. Their prophet
>lived before the God Learners and their three castes
>I say that they follow a system like the one adopted
>by the old Seshnelans.

Yes, in the foundation time of the their sect they believe in the cast
system of Malkion and Hrestol. But they are existing now for more than 1000
years. This time has changed a lot. Quantan van deen Borist has found this
church as a so to speak weapon against the Gbaji missionaries. But after
Gbaji was destroyed (the boristi believe he was not) and Arkat came back to
build up his stygian empire they go underground and fight against Arkat.
They have been allied to the Godlearners in the beginning of their
occupation of Ralios but then they changed their mind, declaring the
Godlearner are chaotic and so start to fight against the Godlearner as well.
The caste system as you will find it in Seschnela in the Rokari Faith does
not fit for the boristi believe, they have to be much more flexible as the
Rokari. The caste system is much to regid for their use in their task to
fight chaos everywhere in Safelster.

The Boristi are now eroded and corrupted through their light or dark
illumination, their use of chaos for their purposes, all the different
doctrines of different boristi comunities etc. The Boristi try to convert
people to their faith because the promise them to be free of sins through
their shriven spell and they promise to help lord and knights in their
egoistical tasks.
There are now two special (or more) groups of boristi which try to change
the task of the Boristi church. One is trying to get accepted by other
Malkion faiths, they will and must change then a lot in their church and the
other will stay underground and is much more egoistical. They want to stay
in secret to do what they want, they like the scapegoat position.

Ingo Tschinke


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