From: R.A.Nicholls (R.A.Nicholls@sheffield.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 15:05:31 EET

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Dave Dunham wonders about the relevance of the first part of the
spell to wolves. When I wrote this I was sort of personifying the
winter as a hungry wolf, and I was imagining the endless energy of a
wolf in chasing down it's prey in the winter landscape. In Loup's
struggle against the Telmori, he stole some of this ability and gave
it a twist in using it against them. Wolfsbane probably isn't a very
good name. Also, Loup's story is really just a small survival story
which has altered through the ages. It isn't very well known because
there are other, bigger, better survival stories going round.



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