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Date: Thu 08 Feb 1996 - 20:44:34 EET

> The discussion about Hinduism and the Malkioni has been interesting. Bear
> in mind, however, that Hinduism is the strong explicit source of Greg's
> recent explorations of the Lunar Way.
Don't you worry, Hughes Sahib. I won't try to reshape them Westerners
into East Indians, Glorantha Style. I just try to unmake them as
Western Europeans 1100 AD, Glorantha Style.

And we get a letter saying that Basmol isn't wholly gone, which must
be true, since it is signed:
> Basmol

And Nils Weinander writes a letter with the
Subject: The second swedish civil war :-)

Nils, when was the FIRST?

> To clarify my muddy position: I agree that there are probably many
> commendable traits in malkioni society, it's just that intolerance
> ticks me off like nothing else. So, what's irrational about my dislike
> is that it is founded on one single piece of all that the malkioni are.
Honestly, I think of most other cultures as damn intolerant as well.

Reread the "What the Priest says" - most, except the Lunars, has
nothing but contempt for all other ways of religious thought. I don't
like it either, but for me it is just a difference of
degree, not style.

 > >But the people who likes
> >Malkioni most seems like "wow, this are the guys I love to hate!".
> And that's just plain weird.
You make a simple statement that I'm incapable of following. Guh?

>The malkioni have substituted their own
> of the mythical world, populated by once-human saints, for the otherworld
> model shared by (most) other Gloranthan cultures.
Nope. I don't think the mythical map of the West is that much more
different from other cultures than any other Gloranthan culture, if

the cultures in question are far enough apart. But as you, say, this
is really a thing that you can't argue about. Damn lack of empirical
evidence, for a start..... :-)

Ingo Tschinke:
> The caste system as you will find it in Seschnela in the Rokari Faith does
> not fit for the boristi believe, they have to be much more flexible as the
> Rokari. The caste system is much to regid for their use in their task to
> fight chaos everywhere in Safelster.
That's a mission for Boristi Knights and Wizards. The Boristi Farmers
(who will be Rokari Farmers as soon as any outsider is looking) are
the ones keeping the Ks and Ws floating, so they can steal off once
in a while on mysterious secret missions by the true Boristi Lords,
the secret Register.

Erik Sieurin


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