God learners and missionaries

From: Jeff Richard (jrichard@cnw.com)
Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 00:58:08 EET

In response to my cautionary lecture about the dangers and impossibility =
of imposing an "objective" Gloranthan myth-language, Nils wrote:

>But we should all remember that the god learners weren't wrong, in fact
>they were too much _right_ for their own god, they were so right that
>the bigger players had to strike back to protect themselves.

I agree with your first proposition: that the god learners weren't =
wrong; but I do have a semantic quibble with your second: that they were =
much too "right".

The god learners attempt to impose their "translation" of other =
culture's mythic-languages was extremely useful but ultimately =
counter-productive. Not necessarily because the "gods struck back" (how =
many Brithini would agree with that interpretation?) but because the god =
learners had believed that had discovered a universal, objective and =
Platonically true understanding of the Gloranthan myth-languages. =
Unfortunately for them, what they had was simply a very effective tool =
for "translating" various Gloranthan myth-languages. =20

The ongoing attempt to "prove" the varacity of the messianic mysticism =
of the Red Goddess as interpreted by the Dara Happan/ neo-Pelandrans as =
opposed the comprehensive and self-referential Orlanthi myth-language is =
fascinating, but ultimately irrelevant. It has simply come down to a =
subjective argument of whose culture is "superior" - a doomed debate. =
My recommendation to the great missionary Nikolai of Brokius (is that in =
First Blessed?) is to attempt to translate the Goddess' revelations into =
the myth-language of Orlanth and "prove" to the tribes that the Goddess =
and their Storm-King are not irreconcilable. Granted, none have =
accomplished that deed since the great Hon-Eel gained the support of the =
Sylilian and Sairdite tribes. . . .

Yours truly,

Jeff Richard


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