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Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 00:09:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe -

>What is the difference between defeat of their enemies and Empire per

Fun question. To me the difference is that between Alkoth and Raibanth.

The Alkothi defeat their enemies, take what they want, maybe stick around a
while, but always as conquerers. Thus they don't hold much for long. For
example, if Alkothi hated Darjiian so much, why didn't they raze it? For
them, periodically "harvesting" Darjiian was much easier and more porfitable
than sticking around and running or changing the place.

When Raibanth takes a land, they incorporate the local deities into the
mythology, and tie the new people to Vonlath. They are much better at
administration (note Murharzarm's problem solving skills relative to
Shargash's). IMO, administration and accomodation are the keys to empire.

> Alkoth has had imperialistic designs in the past. Urvairinus did conquer
both Naveria
and Diskalta (only to lose them in a revolt because of oppressive rule).

My point exactly.

>Eusibus poisoned his predecessor to become Emperor IMO

Wow! What lead you to that conclusion?

 Nils Weinander agrees with me for a wierd reason:

>IMO, one of the subtle
>goals of the Lunar Way is to free Peloria from the forces of Empire,
>underwhich it has suffered since before the Dawn. The _Lunar_ Empire is

>merely a regrettable step.

>Nils: Yeah! the dictatorship of the proletariat is a necessary step,
the unwashed masses don't understand what's best for them! Meshes well
with the early communist parallell Nick writes about now and then.

I think Empire is more a tradition to be endured. Peloria has been ruled by
imperialistic macho twits since the Brightface Debacle/setting down of the
Footstool/whatever. I think the RMGoddess (who can be viewed as a
resurgence of the old female/earth/planetary deities), had to work with
empire because the concept is so entrenched in Peloria. And perhaps her own
understanding evolved. Maybe she was changed with each ancient goddess'
path she followed!
But I think she did initially gain a lot of followers by appealing to the
oppressed in the old DH empire.

David Cake:
> Hey, maybe Argrath worked out that his real enemy was the Dara
Happan Empire, not the Moon Goddess (who was originally an attempt to move
away from the ruling Carmanian empire, and even now tempers the male
dominated, aggressive, conservative Dara Happans only somewhat).

I'd be surprised if there is enough of the old DH empire left in the LE
(especially outside DH) for Argrath to recognize. And let's not forget that
the Orlanthi occupied DH for about as long as the DH's occupied Sartar!
 The pre-Lunar looting was mutual.

> Though I am sure that there are many Yelmite Dara Happans who think
it all turned out all right somehow.

Ah - one can only hope!



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