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Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 02:34:01 EET

David Cake answered me (or am I talking to myself?)

>>but Basmol was killed (I'm working up a myth where Trickster causes Humath
>>to do the dirty deed), and this mythical act had a significant physical

> A minor note from the Lore auction, for those who remember the
>Digest controversy over this relatively innocuous point of myth - a
>carefully worded question to Greg confirmed that the Basmoli of Prax believe
>that Waha killed Basmol.
> Which doesn't mean that I want to shoot down Daves myth before it
>even appears - his is a Ralian myth, they believe strange things.

Ah, but if you were at the PREVIOUS lore auction, you'd have heard [quoted
from RQ-Con 2 Compendium], "Everyone and theri dog killed Basmol. He was
killed in Seshnela, he was killed in Ralios, he was killed in Maniria, and
he was killed in Prax. Everywhere there is a legend about someone killing
Basmol, they did!" These were all separate incidents.

>And I think in Pamaltela, Basmol is still alive. And if there are
>any Basmoli there, they have lions.

And Greg said that Basmol doesn't exist in Pamaltela. "The deity of large
predatory cats in Pamaltela is not Basmol. The God Learners *said* it was

[These aren't complete quotes -- buy the book! Greg and Sandy answer 46
other questions.]

Peter Metcalfe wrote

>The only info about the Ralian Basmoli vis-a-vis Lions that we have
>is that they were once riders before Trickster stole their steeds
>(Questlines Trickster Writeup).

I reread the article and couldn't see this.

>There are free-ranging lions in
>Peloria for instance (Durbaddath and the Basmoli worshipping Lion
>Shahs). Thus I think the Tanisorian Basmoli use to have really Big
>Cats which they rode but they lost the secret of how to do so.

Basmol was killed in Seshnela (see above), so I don't think there are lions
in Tanisor. And are you sure the Karmangs worship Basmol, not lions?


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