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Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 03:55:59 EET

In Glorantha Digest V2 #371, David Swanson Millians writes:
> I am very much enjoying everyone's ideas concerning the river
>folk of the Zola Fel. Since it is stated in published material that
>similar peoples live all along (at least) the southern coasts of
>Genertela, does everyone think that the comments thusfar on origins and
>cultures apply generally?

To an extent, and that extent is exactly as much as the GM wants it be. One
of the fun things about messing around with peripheral peoples is the level
of freedom.

I liked David's origin myth for the river folk, and the fish hsunchen idea.

As for the mixture of ancestry, I agree but note that this does not
necessarily mean a mixture of cultural trends. In their adaptation to a
riverine lifestyle with hostile neighbors, the Mru have had to abandon
anything inconsistent with it, like permanent settlements, herd animals,
etc. There might be some traces of ancestral folkways, such as particular
clans having the secrets of growing particular grains or something. But
that's of limited utility when you may have to abandon your fields at a
moment's notice.

On the bog issue, I feel that broos dominate this terrain because they can
just leave a pile of droppings somewhere, on a path or landing, and people
have to steer clear. Plus, the people are called River Folk, not Bog Folk.

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