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Hi All

Jeff Richard <> rumbles to Nils

>I agree with your first proposition: that the god learners weren't
>wrong; but I do have a semantic quibble with your second: that they were
>much too "right".
>The god learners attempt to impose their "translation" of other
>culture's mythic-languages was extremely useful but ultimately
>counter-productive. Not necessarily because the "gods struck back" (how
>many Brithini would agree with that interpretation?) but because the god
>learners had believed that had discovered a universal, objective and
>Platonically true understanding of the Gloranthan myth-languages.
>Unfortunately for them, what they had was simply a very effective tool
>for "translating" various Gloranthan myth-languages.

Hmm, for those of us who believe that in the Gloranthan universe the hero/god
plane has an objective reality, even though different hero questers etc only
see what they are conditioned to see in terms of their myth structure of that
plane, the Godlearners with their technologies for altering the hero plane
were to much right for everyones wellbeing - just not quite informed enough



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