The civil war goes on

From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 10:07:31 EET

>And Nils Weinander writes a letter with the
>Subject: The second swedish civil war :-)
>Nils, when was the FIRST?

Well, in august me and Michael Raaterova moved off on tangent and had
a semantic dispute, which proved to be just a case of sloppy wording,
over egyptian writing. Peter Metcalfe labelled it as a minor swedish
civil war.

>Honestly, I think of most other cultures as damn intolerant as well.

They sure are, but they don't deny their enemies' gods and that's the
crux. As I said, I don't claim rationality for my opinion.

>> >But the people who likes
>> >Malkioni most seems like "wow, this are the guys I love to hate!".
>> And that's just plain weird.
>You make a simple statement that I'm incapable of following. Guh?

If you like the guys, hiw can you love to hate them? Doesn't make sense
to me, so I guess I'm not the only irrational person around.

>Nope. I don't think the mythical map of the West is that much more
>different from other cultures than any other Gloranthan culture

OK, let's agree to disagree. I'm ready to drop the discussion in order
not to bore the rest of the audience to tears.

On another subject: I have lost track of the borist thread long ago, I
have just one question. What was the name of the founder? I always
assumed it was Boris, but I have seen a lot of variations around here.

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