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Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 10:33:10 EET

Mike Cule:
>The keets are (correct me if I'm wrong, East Isles experts) there are several
>types of avian intelligent species all known as keets one of which is a race
>of ducks identical in all respects except culture with the ducks of central
>The interesting thing is that the keets have a tradition of their origins which
>stretches back to the Dawning and they believe that they were especially
>honoured because their Mother Goddess left them to form some special part of the
>post-Dawn universe apparently connected with the realm of Dreams.

The most common East Isles creation myth says that the mortal races were
created by the elemental gods. The keets were created by the Sea gods as
a peace offering to the Sky gods after Lorian's invasion of the sky.

In the glroious golden empire, the keets were the heralds and messengers.

At the end of the gods' war, when things looked real bad, Thella the goddess
of dawn saved the Isles by casting out her Net, woven from the last vestiges
of Vithela's voice and strands of Fate. To help spread the net, the keets
sacrificed their power of flight.

Today, everyone agrees that the keets do look a bit silly, and can be a
bit silly, but they are highly respected for what they did before Dawn.
Their noble sacrifice and their present close relation to Thella, who is
their prinary deity, make them very different from the sartarite ducks.

>I'm currently running a campaign focussed on getting the Last Egg of Mother Duck
>back to the East Isles to be hatched.


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