The Pelorian People's Red Revolution

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 12:56:57 EET

> I think the RMGoddess (who can be viewed as a
> resurgence of the old female/earth/planetary deities), had to work with
> empire because the concept is so entrenched in Peloria.
(stuff deleted)
> But I think she did initially gain a lot of followers by appealing to the
> oppressed in the old DH empire.
And in that case I think it was much easier saying to the oppressed:
"We'll build a GOOD empire with an emperor that works for YOU" than
telling them "we'll tear down everything there is and build something
comepletely new". Even the oppressed tend to dislike the Bad Guys Who
Exploit The System more than The System Itself.

Erik Sieurin


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