Home to the Ranch!

From: Erik Sieurin (BV9521@utb.hb.se)
Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 13:14:11 EET

> If RQ had more sensibly-named skills like Farm and Herd....
Damn sensible idea.....
>Your ability at Farming should certainly be increasable by living on
>the farm, not just by "research" and "training".
Another thing that has been in my mind for long. I'll better get over
to the rules digest and start a discussion on this....

> If you can develop 60% competence in two mundane skills of *any* of these
> Farmer-class occupations, you'd *theoretically* be allowed into the Army.
Suggestion from me: Make that one "practical" skill (like a Craft,
Devise, etc) and a more theoretical one (in which _I_ include Plant
Lore, since farmers of all nations in the version we uses gets Craft:
Farming, instead of just Plant Lore). What was it the guy had been? A
sailor? Then his Boat (or Devise) and World Lore (ie Sea Lore
and Star Lore) would be quite good.

The trouble for me would be that the literal farmers dominates their
caste; it will be more difficult to find a Fair where there is a guy
which can check out your sailor skills, frex. And they would probably
put you up as a marine, in that case. (I'm sure there is a special
designation for the Knights of the Sea..) By the way, that might be a

good thing, since then you'll merely have to fight the Yggites, not
the KoW.
(And Nick, staying home at the farm to avoid the WoK might be a bad
idea. IF we loose against those damned pagans, I'd rather die in
battle than be left behind in occupied territory.....)


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