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Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 14:16:35 EET

Nils Weinander:
> The malkioni have substituted their own version of the mythical world,
> populated by once-human saints, for the otherworld model shared by
> (most) other Gloranthan cultures. Much as I am fascinated by the idea
> of saints in our world, I'm irrational enough to find it bland in a
> Gloranthan context.

Personally I like the saints. It distinguishes the West from pseudo-medieval
role playing settings. OTOH I don't think that it represents the sum
total of Malkioni myth. Given their hsunchen connection I'd be suprised
if their folk-lore isn't saturated with beast tales about Horse, Wolf and
Lion. The Pithdarians probably have traditions about duppies. If Geoffery
Chaucer can write about Alexander the Malkioni have stories about
Dan, Galin and Father Sun. No doubt they think of all this as old wives' tales
but deep background adds flavour.

> In the end, I guess that in Glorantha I want the ancient world parallells,
> while the european medieval flavour of the west feels slightly out of place
> and thus puts me off.

Classical Greece has been mentioned before. The abstract Platonic Prime
Mover has a lot more in common with the IG than Jehovah does. Orphism and
Hermetism are interesting models too. The latter reminds me a lot of
Stygianism and Lunarism in particular.

IMO the Malkioni castes are Greg's take on the Indo-European castes
described by Dumezil. So the Indian caste system is as relevant as the
medieval "Three Orders" or plebs, equites and flamenes. AFAIK Dumezil's
divisions are (i) ruler/judge, (ii) priest/wizard, (iii) warrior and (iv)
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