Bias in Glorantha?

From: Tim Eccles (
Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 18:59:22 EET

My apologies if this comment seems a bit dumb or irrelevant, but I am
rather concerned about the shift in bias over Sartarites, and can't
get my mind round it.

IMHO in RQ/RQ2 Glorantha, all PCs were Sartarite or pro-Sartar. In
RQ3 we have much more info on playing Lunars, Fonritians, westerners
etc. This is fine. Brilliant in fact. However, it seems to me that
with this enlightenment, comes a tendency to be anti-Sartarite and
view them as dumb barbarians. Now, it seems to me that it is bad

intellectual practice to assume that "barbarians" are stupid. They
are just different.

Take Strangers in Prax, for example. Arlaten, a racist bigot, is
portrayed as an intelligent free thinker. The Sartarite pagans are
just dumb. Now, it is okay for Arlaten to think this way, but SiP
itself seems IMHO to adopt this view. Look at the way Sartarites are
portrayed as dumb for not wanting to be pumped full of sorcery
spells. I would not let some doctor, dentist or employer have free
reign to do whatever they felt like to me. Seems intelligent, not
dumb to me.

I am sorry if this seems a trifle off the wall, but apart from being
indoctrinated by RQ2 into being a Lunar hater, I do not see why there
is this shift. Is this just my imagination? Or perhaps both I and the
Sartarites ARE dumb!

Tim Eccles


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