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Hasni Mubarak:

>BTW, Do the Borists believe in intercaste mobility? Or do they even
>bother with that construct....?

For the normal Malkioni castes, the Borists 'live as the romans do'
for outside appearances. If they pretend to be Rokari then they deny
intercaste mobility. If they pretend to be Galvosti then they would
allow some intercaste mobility.

The only two castes that the Borists recognize in their secret faith
are Worshippers and Priests. The Worshippers are the laity. The
Priests are selected from the ranks of the Worshippers on the grounds
of magical aptidue and other things and trained by the usual

>I don't know if I understand this correctly.... I thought that GoG said
>that they allow the tapping of Chaos. Meaning, that they are ANTI
>chaos.... Now, I can see how normal Malkioni can see their tapping as
>evil, even heretical, but a secret society? The thing that troubles me
>is the line, "They use the laws of Malkion and the knowledge of chaos
>for their own tasks." This says that they are CHAOS worshipers, which I
>haven't seen anything about before....

They do not worship Chaos. They use Chaos to protect themselves in
the same way other Malkioni do not worship horses or seek to become
like horses but use them for many tasks.

Alex Ferguson:

>Peter's rejection of Unlucky 5 as Too God Learnerish while nominating
>88 is puzzling, as 88 seems to be of enirely parochial Sartarite

88 is the number of the Donkey Holder, a star in Orlanth's ring. Thus
to the Starseers of Dara Happa, it has bad aspects.

Personally I believe the omens are first determined to be good or bad
and then the diviner finds the relevant numbers and picks one to justify
his omen. If the omens were bad, he might say 'it happened under the
88th day and 88 is the number of the donkey holder' whereas if the omens
were good, he might say 'it happened under the 88th day and 88 is twice
8 which is a good sign etc...'. After all, is a black cat crossing your
path good luck or bad?

Pam Carlson:

Me>>What is the difference between defeat of their enemies and Empire
>>per se?

>Fun question. To me the difference is that between Alkoth and Raibanth.

>The Alkothi defeat their enemies, take what they want, maybe stick
>around a while, but always as conquerers. Thus they don't hold much
>for long. For example, if Alkothi hated Darjiian so much, why didn't
>they raze it? For them, periodically "harvesting" Darjiian was much
>easier and more porfitable than sticking around and running or changing
>the place.

I think you are conflating the ability to create and maintain an
empire with the desire to have an Empire. While Alkoth may be
shitty in establishing empires, that does not mean they do not
desire one. The reason Darjiin may have survived repeated sackings
by Alkoth may be that the Darjiinians hide out in Hillforts leaving
the countryside to be razed by Alkoth troops only to reappear when
the Troops are forced home for the winter. Some Hillforts may be
stormed but the majority of Darjiin Hill forts are untouched.

>>Eusibus poisoned his predecessor to become Emperor IMO

>Wow! What lead you to that conclusion?

His predecessor, Dispenser of Horses, died 'of a sickness gotten while
boating upon the Oslira River.' Can we say ghoti?

Eusibus then becomes Emperor in the very next year with unseemly haste
not even have bothered to arrange a fictitious battle with supposed
kin of his predecessor to relieve them of the Imperial Regalia.

David Dunham:

Me>>The only info about the Ralian Basmoli vis-a-vis Lions that we have
>>is that they were once riders before Trickster stole their steeds
>>(Questlines Trickster Writeup).

>I reread the article and couldn't see this.

The Thief p13 'In Tanisor Trickster took the stirrups and saddles
from the steeds of Basmol, so none of the Basmoli could ever ride

>Basmol was killed in Seshnela (see above), so I don't think there
>are lions in Tanisor.

Even if he was killed, this doesn't prevent Lions from being free
in Ralios. It may have some other effect like Lions being smaller
and less magical. For all we know another Lion God may have
reached Ralios (imported when the God Learners brought Lions up
north for their Zoos, frex) and so the Basim may worship this spirit
instead. Evreybody else may say the Basim may worship Basmol but
then they say that Storm Tribes worship Orlanth.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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